Our Offer


Long-lasting cooperation with our partners gives warantee, that performed services are of high calibre and  have bargain prices.

Visualization, Design

We also cooperate with design offices, which execute projects for us, if they are necessary to execute in very short time.

Technical service

For all of our projects we enclose bundle of technical and building service. We start to execute it not later that 24 hours after a fault is reported to us.

Arrangement of shops and commercial buildings

One of the main sections of our business is a complex construction-repair – commercial premises, services, shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, shopping malls, showrooms.


The exact implementation in the rough is very well known to us because of the simplicity and austere elegance that prevails currently in construction trends and visions of designers who design the look of the inside and outside of the building, they try to integrate the raw look of the building with modern finishing materials for this already during the construction of the note the precise execution of certain works, which later can create a visible form.